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Gmunden Junior ´02 

Competition-exhibition  with international participation, position III

From August 23-25, 2002, in the health resort Gmunden (Austria) by the sea Traunsee, at the forestry education center at the country palace Ort, a competition-exhibition with international participation in the position III, "Gmunden '02" and a youth exhibition, "Gmunden Junior '02" was held with 38 teenagers from Switzerland, Germany, Liechtenstein, Italy and of course Austria (see Philatelie-informativ June, 2002, page 18). There was also an open class exhibition and a Hundertwasser-special exhibition held.

In preparation for this showing, Mr. Reinhard Neumayr, the Vice President of VOePh (Society of Austrian Philatelic clubs) spoke with me on the OeVEBRIA 2002 in Vienna ( "Third meeting" !) and asked me to draft a Hundertwasser stamp within the next four weeks with reference to the youth that would be used in the special post office (post.Mobil). After considering the request for a short time, I agreed and went about searching for a "reference to youth" by Hundertwasser.

I found the perfect reference in the book "Beautiful Paths - Thoughts on Art and Life". In this book Hundertwasser uses pictograms for the introductory labeling of topics. I chose a Hundertwasser pictogram for the topic education, school, academy and drawings of children,illustration from the bookand another for the topic of art illustration from the book(see pages 9 &11). I decided to combine these two pictograms for the stamp after consulting with Joram Harel. This was the stamp that was used at the special post office on August 24 (List of the special-stamps 2002 of the philatelist-club Krems).

The text of the submitted stamp was easily modified by the Austrian Post (comparison).

A new, yet agreeable task for me at this event was the autograph hour (photos) and as big surprise gave me Mr. Neumayr (photo) on the nightly Palmarès in the hotel "Steinmaurer" a special-award, that was made available from the Austrian State Printing Office. It is another original-copy of the Korea-document (announce).

Commemorative Sheet


Appendix: In the home-supplement of the newspaper Allgemeine Zeitung, Uelzen "Der Heidewanderer" (The heath-hikers) Nr. 39/2003 was published the topic "Hundertwasser in the stamp-picture - a catalog of the special-, machine- and advertising-stamps as well as the free-stamps" (composed from Thomas Kleinschmidt on the occasion of the "Fourth Meeting of the Hundertwasser-Friends").
With friendly authorization through Thomas Kleinschmidt, as well as through the "Allgemeine Zeitung Uelzen" the
catalog is here available:   


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