The Fourth meeting of the friends of
Hundertwasser philately

 The meeting took place in September 26-28, 2003.


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According to the plans of  Friedensreich Hundertwasser the old long distance railway station in Uelzen was renovated into an unique architectural highlight in the years 1999/2000.

Therefore, Uelzen was an appropriate location for the friends of the Hundertwasser philately to meet.

During the month of September the Lueneburg Heath is in full bloom and is an impressive sight which adds to the beauty of the region.

Following activities were realized:

- Saturday/Sunday philatelistic exhibition about Hundertwassers artistic work;

- Saturday, 27.09. a tour of the railway station;

- Saturday, 27.09. the unveiling of a Hundertwasser commemorative plaque at the railway station

Production: Firma NORO

- an exchange of  information between the participants of the meeting in the conference area of the railway station;

- in honor of the meeting the “Club of the stamp friends Uelzen” has organized a free stamp advertising insert (red meter / machine postmark with slogan):

Outline:  Hoffmann / Hoffmeister


 - a commemorative card "Hundertwasser und Philatelie" of the company File Design ("UE-Card")

shaped from the artist
Georg Lipinsky

and sponsored from Haus- u. Küchengeräte Wolfgang Mocek,
Esterholzer Str. 36, 29525

and from the association "Bahnhof 2000 Uelzen e.V."



It is possibly to order the commemorative card:
Send for every card one International Reply Coupon (
IRC) / International Postage Vouchers / Coupon-Réponse International to the following address:

Verein der Briefmarkenfreunde Uelzen e.V.
z.H. Herrn Horst Hoffmann, 2.Vorsitzender
PF 1535
D-29505 Uelzen

At this place, I would like specially thanks Mr. Horst Hoffmann, without his great engagement our meeting doesn't would have been possibly !!!

The following sender´s franking are possibly: alternative the machine postmark with slogan from the “Club of the stamp friends Uelzen”or the machine postmark with slogan from the municipal authority Uelzen:



- a edition of the home-supplement "Der Heidewanderer" (The heath-hikers) Nr. 39/2003 of the newspaper "Allgemeine Zeitung Uelzen" with the topic "Hundertwasser in the stamp-picture - a catalog of the special-, machine- and advertising-stamps as well as the free-stamps" (composed from Thomas Kleinschmidt).

With friendly authorization through Thomas Kleinschmidt, as well as through the "Allgemeine Zeitung Uelzen" the catalog is here available:  

 - and a cachet cancellation will be released, as is traditional.  


Design originated from the stamp to the first meeting:  Hoffmeister

Production: Gravieranstalt Frank Klingberg, München



We visited also the ARTE-Restaurant located within the railway station. Both the ARTE-Restaurant and the City Café-Ottensen in Hamburg were renovated by designer, Ms. Jule Beck in accordance to Hundertwasser´s plans and specifications.

Occasionally there is a shuttle bus run by the ABeR Alternaive-Bus-Reisen GmbH. ( alternative-bus-trips Ltd. ) connecting the ARTE Restaurant and the City Café-Ottensen. The shuttle bus was designed by Hundertwasser.

Since 1999/2000 the old long distance railway station at Uelzen has developed into a real cultural centre which accommodates exhibitions and other cultural events.

Also are interesting the preparations  to the Hundertwasser-musical, that has at the 30. July 2004 premiere. The Hundertwasser-musical is a drama devised by the librettist Rolf Rettberg about the life-story of the artist.

Commemorative Sheet 


        © Harry Hoffmeister 2003