WIPA 2000 - In Memory of Hundertwasser

From May 30 through June 4, 2000 the 6th WIPA (Vienna International Philatelic Exhibition) was held in the Austria Center Vienna (VOePh3/2000). In the past, there were WIPA´s in the years 1881, 1890, 1933, 1965 and 1981.
The occasion for this WIPA was the 150 year anniversary of stamps in Austria. 


Still caught up in the waves made by the death of  Friedensreich Hundertwasser on February 19, 2000, June 2, 2000 was marked at the WIPA as a day of appreciation of the artist's accomplishments.  

Thus quickly and without advanced planning, the Austrian Post released a memorial souvenir sheet, "In Memory of Hundertwasser" that day and used a special cancellation with an illustration of the Spittelau heating plant

The Vienna UNPA also published an unscheduled Friedensreich Hundertwasser postcard on June 2 in connection with a special cancellation as an homage to the fascinating artist.

At the stand of the Hungarian Post, one could get a cachet cancellation with a facade view of the Hundertwasser House in Vienna.

 Finally,  on June 3, 2000, the first meeting of the Hundertwasser friends was held under the patronage of Joram Harel and with the participation of Professor Wolfgang Seidel.


The First Meeting of the Friends of Hundertwasser

Initiator of this meeting was Mrs. Hoffmann from Berlin (invitation). The meeting take place under the auspices of Joram Harel but he was away on official business and was represented by Mr. Noack.
Place of the meeting was the cafe-restaurant "Im Kunsthaus" with approximately 20 people. The guest of honor was Professor Wolfgang Seidel (
photo). During a tour through the Hundertwasser exhibition, Prof. Seidel told many interesting details about his artistic cooperation as well as his friendship with Master Hundertwasser.

On the occasion of the meeting, a cachet cancellation "Visit from philatelists in the Vienna Art House".


Ideas for the design: Dr. Hoffmann (first draft), Kleinschmidt, Hoffmeister

Realization: Hoffmeister

Production: Advertising-workshop R.Hensel, Berlin



The devaluated stamp was handed over to the Hundertwasser archive on June 6, 2000.

The stamp contains the logos of the WIPAand the Art-House-Vienna..

The stamp contains the logos of the WIPA and the Art-House-Vienna. .
The meeting was a great experience for all participants and Dr. Hoffmann conveyed this well in her
thank you letter to Joram Harel.

The meeting and the cachet cancellation were mentioned in "Die Briefmarke" 2/2000, page 39 and 5/2000, page 28; in "VOePh-informativ" 2/2000, page 11 and in the "Briefmarken-Spiegel" 4/2000, page 8. In the ANK Catalog (special 2002/2003) on page 219 there is a mention of the memorial souvenir sheet "In Memory of Hundertwasser" with a single FDC with a single stamp and a cachet cancellation for Hundertwasser-collectors.

Commemorative Sheet


        © Harry Hoffmeister 2000