enlargementPresentation and First Day of Issue of the Commemorative Stamp
"Danube Meadows National Park"

EDITION 700.000
NAME "Sondermarke Nationalpark Donauauen (Hundertwasser)"
ENGRAVING Prof. Wolfgang Seidel
AVAILABLE as of 27/09/04
DATE OF ISSUE 22/10/04




Arbeiterkammer Niederoesterreich
Oppitzgasse 1
A-2410 Hainburg

BSV Hainburg an der Donau
Obmann Walter Preisser
Kriemhildengasse 27
A-2410 Hainburg
Tel. 02165 63885

Naturhistorisches Museum
Burgring 7
A-1010 Wien

ABSV-Sektion Hartberg
Hermann Dornhofer
Kaindorf 210
A-8224 Kaindorf bei Hartberg
Tel. 03334 2315


The Danube Meadows National Park (info) was established at the 27 October 1996 after 18 years of planning. It came to be thanks to the efforts of innumerable environmentalists supported by prominent Austrian citizens (Arik Brauer, Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Konrad Lorenz, Bernd Loetsch, Guenther Nenning, to name only a few).  It successfully prevented the clearance of 1.2 million trees in the Hainburger Danube Meadows because of a planned hydraulic power plant.
You can read about these dramatic events in the book "Die Schlacht der Baeume (Battle of the trees) Hainburg 1984" (
image), published by Guenther Nenning and Andreas Huber (1985 by Hannibals).
This action was also actively supported by Hundertwasser

Hundertwasser took part in the campaign to prevent woodland clearing for the construction of a power plant and to save the river meadows of Hainburg, to the east of Vienna. He joined the many demonstrators and camped with them in the river meadows in freezing cold weather.
He created a poster and donated it to the Konrad-Lorenz-Volksbegehren /petition for a referendum/ (
post card)  to help save the river meadows and to provide legal aid for politically persecuted environmentalists.
The Poster and postcard are based on the work 808
The End of Waters (Catalogue Raisonné, volume 2, sides 621 and 1028).

Hundertwasser mit Poster


To commemorate these events of 20 years ago, Mr. Christian Fraissl, an employee of Danube Meadows National Park Ltd., had the idea to put work 808 on a stamp. That suggestion was approved by the Austrian Post.

On 13 November 2003 in Germany, the postal envelope "Konrad Lorenz' 100th Birthday" was issued with the stamp "100 Year Anniversary of the Salzach Bridge" (joint-edition Austria/Germany).


The Fifth Meeting of the Hundertwasser Friends

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The meeting take place on 22 October 2004 in Hainburg and in the Museum of Natural History - Vienna, the General Director of which is Professor Dr. Bernd Loetsch.
To commemorate the meeting a commemorative "Fifth Meeting" cancellation was used. 


Design based on the cancellation from the first meeting:  Hoffmeister

Production: Gravieranstalt Frank Klingberg, München



The cancellation is based on work 808 "The End of Waters" and was approved by Joram Harel. The stamp is forest-green in color to remind the trees of the Danube Meadows.

Commemorative Sheet 


        © Harry Hoffmeister 2004