enlargementNinth International Expert Exhibition "Marke + Muenze" in Graz (Austria) with special exhibition "Friedensreich Hundertwasser"


From May 18-20, 2001, the Ninth International Expert Exhibition, "Marke+ Muenze" ("Stamps+Coins") was held in the Grazer Pavilions with two events, the "OeVEBRIA ´01" (Oesterreichische Verbands-Briefmarken-Ausstellung /Austrian Stamps Exhibition of the Associations/) as national showing in the position I, just as the "Alpen-Adria-Ausstellung /Alps-Adriatic-showing/" in the position II (VOePh2/01).

A special attraction was the special exhibition, "Friedensreich Hundertwasser" that was organized in cooperation with the KunstHausWien (Art House in Vienna).and the Rogner-Bad Blumau hotel and spa.

For the Austrian state of Styria, Hundertwasser has special meaning. Located in Styria one can find the Bärnbacher church so, the Rogner-Bad Blumau hotel and spa and the Hundertwasser station for cancer patients located in the Medical University clinic of Oncology at Graz.

The Second Meetings of the Friends of Hundertwasser

The second meeting of the Hundertwasser friends was held May 19, 2001. The meeting took place between 5:00-6:00 P.M. in the restaurant of the Grazer pavilion. Attending this meeting of active Hundertwasser collector friends was Mitterhuber, Fraissl, Friebe, Hoffmeister, Kleinschmidt and Majoerg (photos).

In memory of the second meeting of the Hundertwasser friends, a cachet cancellation was presented. This stamp was available at the Kosel company stand from the company representative, Mr. Jelinek during the opening of the fair from May 18-20, 2001 (photo). The stamp was used on approximately 1000 proofs.


Design and realization originated from the stamp to the first meeting: Hoffmeister

Production: Advertising-workshop R. Hensel, Berlin



The image originated from the logo of the Graz Oncology unit and was approved by Joram Harel.
The stamp was green in color in order to reflect the color of the national-flag of Styria. The debased stamp was presented to the Hundertwasser archive.

Commemorative Sheet


        © Harry Hoffmeister 2001