From a Furniture Factory to KunstHausWien



In 1892, the Thonet furniture factory was built for the Thonet brothers in the Weissgerber section of Vienna, at Untere Weißgerberstr 13.

The building was architecturally altered based on Hundertwasser’s design, and, after a two-year renovation, the KunstHausWien was opened on April 9, 1991.

On April 8, 2011, KunstHausWien and the Austrian Post Office unveiled a commemorative stamp with a Hundertwasser design to mark the anniversary. On April 8 and 9 it was available at a special post office in the KunstHausWien. Since then, it has been available at all post office across the country.





The stamp’s design is based on a detail of the original poster KUNSTHAUSWIEN  (APA 290, 913D, Catalogue Raisonné pg 1084/85).

On April 8 and 9, respectively, one of the special cancellations designed by Prof. Adolf  Tuma will be used.



The Seventh Meeting of the Friends of Hundertwasser

The meeting took place on April 8, 2011  at the Dunkelbunt restaurant in KunstHausWien.

To commemorate the meeting, a special cancellation was once again created for the Seventh Meeting of Friends of Hundertwasser.



Draft and final version based on the commemorative cancellation from the first meeting.

Created by: Hoffmeister

Produced by: Gravieranstalt Frank Klingberg, Munich



The cancellation includes the KunstHausWien font, which can be seen on a bus for the company ABeR Alternativ-Bus-Reisen GmbH designed by Hundertwasser (445C =APA 53, Catalogue Raisonné Seite 983), as well as the notation "20 Jahre" in the Regentag font (APA 357, Catalogue Raisonné pg 1123).


Commemorative Sheet

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